Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nothing speedier than the DMV

Did that title catch your attention?

How many of us can remember back when registering your car meant spending a couple of hours at the DMV in line to spend 5-10 minutes at a window with someone who wants to be there less than you do? Does that ring any bells?

Last week I had to re-register my Jeep. The DMV has become a refreshing example of efficiency. The entire process took less than 3 minutes. That's right...3 minutes from the time I opened the website to the time I printed my receipt. I did this all from my desk at a time that was convenient to me.

In addition, if you have to actually visit the DMV, you can make an appointment online, walk in to a seperate window to check-in, and usually within minutes been standing at a window, with someone who is actually not stressed-out anymore, and actually wants to help you.

As I was thinking about how the DMV has embraced technology to reach people, I wondered why so many churches don't. There are some great examples of churches that use technology to reach people. Whether videos, internet, lights/sound, and the list goes on, it doesn't matter. There are some amazing examples. Yet, those are the minority. Perry Noble has said many times that "NewSpring will do anything, short of sin, to reach people for Christ".

I realize that for many that may be offensive. I really don't care. The fact is, we do need to do whatever we can to find people. If that means capitalizing on technology, than I think we should.

Ok, my ranting is over. I guess I just have a lot of extra energy that I didn't waste at the DMV!

See ya next week!

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