Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 Things!

I am on vacation. I am camping with the family and having a wonderful time. This last Friday was the last day in the office and I was amazed and what transpired and how much I got done. It always seems, that on the last day before a vacation, I manage to get all those little pesky tasks done, that I had been putting off forever!

I am one of those people who likes to return from vacation with nothing left from before. It makes sure that I don't think about it while on vacation and that way I have no idea what to expect when I return to work, thus my vacation "high" lasts a little bit longer.

So with those thoughts in mind...

Here is my top 5 things NOT to do on the
last day of work before a vacation:

5. Do not schedule any meetings for the first day back to the office.
4. Do not leave your cell phone number on your voicemail for people to call "if this is an emergency".
3. Do not expect a going away party before you leave. (They will do that while your gone.)
2. Do not leave a half cup of coffee on your desk.
1. Do not let your boss see how hard your working to wrap up loose ends. That will become the new standard!

See ya next week!

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