Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walkway Etiquette

Have you ever been to an airport on large venue where they have moving walkways. They are like a conveyor belt for people. Did you know that there is walkway etiquette when using them?

That's right. If you use one and decide not to continue walking while on it, then you stand to one side that others are able to pass you who choose to continue walking. How do I know that? I learned it when I attended airport/walkway etiquette school... OK not really.

It is one of those traits that you just learn through doing and becomes something you do. The funny part about it is that I get really annoyed with someone who doesn't have walkway etiquette and stands right in the middle, when I am trying to get by. Do they not get it? This is what you do? Do they need to go back to the beginning of the walkway for remediation?

I was thinking as I was zipping past people on the walkway this morning, and I was wondering how often I do this...or the "church" does this. There is no formal training on how I "do" church. However, through doing and being an active part of your church you develop those skills and experiences of how you "do" church.

The question is, do the guests visiting your church now them? If not, do you get annoyed because they are "standing in the middle", or are you patient enough to help them understand? More importantly, are you taking those rituals out of your church so they aren't even an issue?

I think I probably get more annoyed than I should. It is definitely something to work on. Take a look at what you do each day, and decide are you expecting people to stand to the side of your walkway? If so, do they know it? Just food for thought!

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