Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Thinkback

Here are some random thoughts as I prepare to fly home today:
  • Today I fly home from Louisiana after 8 days.
  • I can't wait to get home.
  • I really miss my family.
  • 8 days is WAY to long to be gone.
  • I am planning on some fun with the boys this weekend.
  • Sometimes I wonder if the 8 days of work here was valuable.
  • I hope it was!
  • I am listening to Pastor Dave's message from Sunday, right now.
  • I wish I could have went to the men's fishing trip. Sounds like fun, cold, but fun!
  • Traveling is very expensive.
  • I am really tired. It has been a looooong week.
  • Total travel time today, door to door, is 15 hours.
  • Yes, I get to be at work tomorrow by 7'ish.
  • I got hung up in the TSA security. Apparently my backpack had to much stuff to see it all in the scanner. They had to remove half of it and rescan it.
  • I guess I over prepare sometimes.
  • Did I mention I miss my family?
  • New Orleans is a beautiful, really sinful, but beautiful place.
  • For being in the south, I really feel like New Orleans needs God in a whole new way.
  • This month I will be teaching at a new church plant.
  • I am excited for their church plant and being a small part of it.
  • See ya on Sunday!

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