Monday, April 27, 2009

Social Behavior

As you know I am in the middle of a trip to New Orleans. I am here for 8 days for business. One of the things that I tend to do while I am traveling is watch people. OK, I always watch people, but I tend to do it more when I am traveling.

I think that when you are out of your element, or perhaps in an area that you haven't been before, you tend to be more aware of your surroundings. You are cautious and in constant watch of what is going on around you. Which of course plays in to my habit of studying people's social behaviors.

In New Orleans, while spending the evening on Bourbon Street, it was sad watching people's behavior. As you have seen (or heard) about Bourbon St. and Mardi Graus, things occur here that don't occur anywhere. As young women were prompted and encouraged to do inappropriate stuff, I really didn't enjoy it and tended to move another way.

As I was sharing with a friend about that, he reminded me that they are some one's daughter. That was when I realized why I was so saddened by the behavior. I think that one of the "side effects" of growing as a Christian is the fact that you grow in your passion to see the lost saved. As you grow in Christ, you grow more like Christ. Christ cares about the hurting and the lost.

How about you?

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