Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you Guys!

This is one of those posts that is rarely written but I am grateful to write.

In the church today we find way to many splits, divides in congregations, etc. In denominational church, I think this is more common, because there is usually great amounts of heritage, history, habits, traditions. Call it what you want, it simply is people do not want to change and they like things the way it is. As a result, there are no clear and open discussions and the end result is all to often church splits, or churches that are destroyed... all over "non-essentials".

Every now and then we get to learn about disagreements or differences of opinions and how to work through them in a Godly way. Today is one of those days.

If you have not heard, then you need to go here and here and learn about the decision that Perry Noble, Tony Morgan and NewSpring Leadership made this week.

Thank you gentlemen! Thank you for giving us yet another example of leading the church God's way! Your integrity and your seeking of God in this process is amazing. This could have been an easy way for the devil to destroy the church, but you didn't let it!

I Pray that God multiplies both your ministries through this experience and I KNOW that God will be glorified through this process...he already has!

Thank you for setting the example for the rest of us in dealing with staffing/leadership differences!

God Bless you both!

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