Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today, 11 years ago, a young girl made the best decision of her life....she married me!

Do you buy it?... Yeah, me neither!

Actually I was the lucky one who got to marry her. Most of the time, you hear people talking about marrying someone better than them. Marrying up....well, I married someone out of my league.

Has our marriage been perfect? Absolutely not. In fact, I would be scared if it was, because that meant we were not being real. We have really great times and there have been difficult times. However, the one great thing I can count on, is that we can always talk things out. We are not only husband and wife... but we are also best friends!

In fact, here are a few comments from others as well:

Hello Jason and Autumn,

Happy Anniversary !!!
Please consider this your card. We all can bask in the knowledge that we are helping to save our planet. GO GREEN!! LOL! I just quack myself up! However, on to bigger and better things.

Can you believe that you've been married that long? Now you know how I feel, being married 37 years to your Dad! (Mouth hangs open in disbelief!) You all know one of the rules of being married to someone is COMMUNICATION! You must have these as well: FAITH,TRUTH, LOVE, PATIENCE, TRUST, AND BE PRETTY!! I'm sure there are a few more.

You both are doing a good job of bring your boys up. The way in which you chose to raise them giving them faith and to know the love of God is great. Autumn home schools the boys. The boys are very smart also! I'm real proud of you both. Group hug! Come on Jason, you know you want to! LOL!

You both have a great sense of humor and a wonderful way of telling a story and you bring out the best in each other.

Happy Anniversary,

Paul & Roberta
[Autumn's Parent's]

Thanks Paul & are great in-laws to really Ro, I mean it. hahaha
I also want to take a moment and let someone else say a few words....

To my Dearest Jason and Autumn!!!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY with big capital letters!
I am so proud of both of you. Marriage is not an easy road. There are no maps that tell you which way to go. Communication is the key. But if the communication is not all about your true feelings, then it really doesn't matter.

I thought your Dad and I had the perfect marriage. A shock to me after 37 years, was that he still wasn't happy. So now, I can not give you advice except for what I have experienced. I always gave up my passions to please your Dad. He was the money maker and I felt I needed to please him. I think what happened over the years, was I lost my self and he lost respect for me.

Please, Please, Please---don't lose control of who you are. You both have feelings and wants, that are important only to each of you. Share these thoughts and work through them. You have two beautiful boys (sorry handsome boys), that need you.

Just know that I wish the two of you , all the happiness in the world. I hope you can survive this crazy world.

Your forever loving MOTHER---a.k.a. MeMa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy [Jason's Mom]

So, as I wrap up this post today dedicated to our Anniversary. I want to take a moment and say that we are only where we are because of one thing. We both love God first. If we did not have God as the center of our marriage, I am not sure where we would be. God has given us strength to communicate, to love, to forgive, to be forgiven, to be patient, to be vulnerable....all when maybe we didn't want to.

Granted it has only been 11 years, I expect there to be 50 more to follow. The key to this great success...God and a beautiful wife!

I Love you Autumn, more and more every day!

Happy Anniversary, my betrothed!

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