Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Care to Comment?

What do you do if you have bad service at a restaurant? The line takes to long at the pharmacy? The coffee consistently has grounds in it when you buy it? Do you say anything?

What do you do when the service is great? How about when the coffee is out of this world? The server remembers you by name from your last visit? Do you say anything?

I hope the answer to both questions are the same!

I am one of those that consistently fills out comment cards, visits the company's website customer service. I make comments to the manager. If they ask I will tell. If they don't ask, I will tell. Why? I think, for the most part, management truly wants to know how the business is doing in meeting the customers needs. When I visit, they have 2 options, "Surprise" or "Demise". I plan to tell them which one they picked.

The key, though, is that I tell them regardless of which way they go. I think it is even more important to congratulate them on success then it is to criticize their failure. It seems that most are quick to criticize the bad and not complement the success.

Don't we do this as Christians? We are quick to find fault with other denominations or other churches. They are too big. They are too small. The music is too loud, the music is too traditional.

The reality is we need to be excited for other churches. If they are doing something great for God then lets celebrate with them. If they are reaching the lost, lets let them know how they are doing.

How about you?

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