Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sad Day!

Monday night was a very sad day in the Hicks household. We lost a dear member of our dog, Sadie.

I have had Sadie for over 12 years. She would have been 13 in January. I truly do miss her.

How did she die? It was very unfortunate. She got into the garbage and found a cereal bag. As she was trying to eat the crumbs in the bag, she got the bag caught over her head and she suffocated. I share that unfortunate description for a very important reason. I believe that as she realized what had happened, she came to the back door. The back door was open. There was only a screen between her and me (who was sitting in a recliner 10 feet away). I sat there oblivious as my loving, obedient, pet was dying.

For me that was the hardest part of the whole experience.

I spent all day Tuesday at home, I was very melancholy. Then God did something that amazed he always does! He showed me that what I did with Sadie, is something that we Christians sometimes do with others.

We can be sitting in church, at work, with friends, in a supermarket (or anywhere for that matter) minding our own business and the person next to us could be suffocating in sin, debt, depression, etc. We get so busy in our own lives, that we don't hear their struggles...we don't notice there gasps for air, and yet when they die in their sins or struggles we are surprised to hear it.

Let me challenge you this morning. Don't let life get you so busy that you miss the opportunity to breath life into someone that is gasping for air.

God Bless!

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Joanne Reese said...

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for the great post. God gave you incredible insight, and a lesson I will not soon forget.