Sunday, December 9, 2007

What is your selfishness score?

Have you ever sat back and looked at yourself to determine just how selfish you are? I try not to do this that often, because sometimes I don't like what I see. However, the best thing I can do, though, is test myself daily.

Ahh, but Jason I am not selfish. I do lots of unselfish things. So do I...but on what conditions are those things done?

I like to think that I do a lot of selfless acts; and I do. As long as they are done on the conditions that I most cases. I love to help people...when it doesn't interfer with my plans. I love to give money to a special need...when I have some left over. I enjoy teaching a class, as long as it is on a night I have free.

You may be saying Jason you are being to hard on yourself (or maybe your not!). The reality is that this is not always the case, and I don't always think this way. However, it does happen, and if we don't check ourselves regularly then I think this becomes the more of the norm and less the exception.

We are celebrating the birth of Christ this month. The most selfless act every performed. It was done for you and me. As Pastor Dave said today during his message, God did it for Jason! (put your name in place of mine) The unfortunate part is that our world has turned this in to a time of what about me. What I am going to get for X-mas? What are you going to give me?

If not careful, I will fall victim to that...not only in December, but throughout the year. Therefore, I have to constantly be testing myself to see if I am living a life honoring of Christ, my family and others or am I simply living for myself.

I have listed some of the questions that I try and ask myself regularly to see if I am Christ-focused or Jason-focused:

1. Do I do ministry when it is convenient for me or for the ministry?
2. Do I help someone when it fits into my calendar or when they have a need?
3. Am I giving to any need beyond my tithe, or am I spending that money for me?
4. Is my calendar filled with things I want to do or with things my family wants to do?
5. Does our budget reflect the needs of our family or the needs of Jason?
6. Am I putting overtime in for my success or for my families success? (think carefully on this one)
7. When I shop for gifts am I more likely to spend more on myself or more on others?
8. Looking at the activities in my life, are they for my glory or God's?
9. What's more important, what I did at work today or what my family did while I was gone?
10. Do I choose sleep over spending time with the Lord?

These are the big 10 that I think about in some form or fashion almost daily. There are times when I might be an 8 or 9 out of 10. There are other times when I am working real hard to find 1.

So, What is your selfishness score? Remember, failure is not bad, as long as you do something about it. Lets try and reach 10 out of 10...everytime!

Good Luck!

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