Saturday, December 1, 2007

So Long Self...Duh!

I was "surfing" YouTube tonight looking for cool church videos and came across this video. I have heard this song "So Long Self" by MercyMe many times. I even have it on my I-pod. Yet, tonight as I was struggling from a rough end to my week having fought with my temptations and struggles, I started listening to this song over and over. I must have listened to it 3 or 4 times. Then it hit me (or maybe God hit me...not sure). That is my problem. As I fight off these tempations and struggles, I keep making room for my old self. I make Jesus move over to the side so the old self and him can fit in. It doesn't work that way. When Jesus enters your life, he wants to take up all the space.

I know this is simple stuff, and we have all heard it before. However, I think we need to hear it over and over and over until the day we ascend to Heaven or the Lord returns for us. At least I know I do.

So, as you listen to this video, I pray that it will speak to you in a way that you need to hear, and not squeeze out some space for your old self...instead bar the door if you have to and keep the "old self" out!

God Bless!

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