Monday, December 17, 2007

Facing the Giants - Part 1

After recently watching the movie, Facing the Giants, I have decided to put my Welcome Series of Blogs on hold and spend a few days sharing some thoughts from the movie. As the opportunity arises, I will even include some clips from the movie to help with my point.

Here is the first clip. This is an interactive blog. View the clip and then return for the rest of the blog:

So what did you think? Some of you have probably already seen the movie so you are familiar with the clip. Yet, how true is it. In many cases we give up in life or we give up in a situation, because we see it as impossible. Pastor Dave spoke this last sunday about Hope. We cannot even go 1 second without Hope. Yet, we can live our entire life in discouragement.

I believe that much like Brock, I tend to look at some situations as impossible. I am convinced I am going to fail before even trying and so I choose to not try. I do not give God a chance to do greatness through me...if I only would give him my whole heart. If you study the great church planters of today, or para-ministry leaders, you find that it wasn't that they had all the right skills. They weren't invincible. In fact, many of them are scared. The reality is they had simply made a choice to take what the Lord has called them to do, and give it their whole heart and let God do the rest.

Romans 8:28 helps us to understand this concept. We may not always know the reason for the situation, or why we are where we are at. God may have a plan far greater than our ability to comprehend. However, our part is to give Him our whole heart and allow him to do the rest.

As the movie shows, anything is possible when our Heart is in it...

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RWC said...

Its amazing what limitations we put on ourselves, and what we can accomplish with out the "doubt" obstacle in the way!