Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Children at Christmas....a WOW Experience!

The other day I was trying to explain to a friend what Welcome Ministries is and what it means to create a "Wow Experience" for guests to the church. I was able to explain in detail what the ministry is made up, i.e. the different areas, as well as what the ministry would like to accomplish, i.e. the vision, mission, etc.

However, as I tried to describe the feeling one gets from a Wow experience...we couldn't match up. I could describe a wow experience, say at a restaurant or perhaps how an employee may have gone the extra mile to serve this person. Yet, I could not describe the feeling that came with that experience. I am not sure if he had never experienced that feeling, or if I did a poor job of trying to describe it (I am guessing the later). We eventually gave up that day, as I could not quite nail it down.

Then on Sunday night at our small group, my friend Steven mentioned that he would love to be there on Christmas morning to watch my youngest open his presents. My son tends to be very animated. Steven went on to describe that feeling of excitement, joy and energy that children have when they first wake up Christmas morning and see the presents awaiting them under the tree. The feeling that continues through the time of opening presents and finding out what gifts had been left for them.

As I listened to him talking, I said to myself..."That's it!". That is the feeling that a Wow Experience leaves with you. Now, we don't want to create false emotions through well planned movements and events. However, imagine the excitement if a guest, not sure what to expect, experienced a morning that surprised them with "gifts" around every corner. Gift - Someone greets them at their car. Gift- Someone helps them take their children to Sunday School. Gift- Someone gives them a "tour" of the facility. Gift - Someone cares enough to ask them their name... and remembers it after the service. Gift - The Church actually cares about them enough to make a conscious decision to prepare for their guests.

When I visit a Church and receive that kind of treatment, the best way to describe it, for me, is a kid at Christmas...a truly WOW Experience! Are you creating "Child at Christmas"- like experiences for your guests?

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