Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quiet time at St. Arbucks

Quiet time at St. Arbucks.

One of my mentors...Scott Hodge...regularly calls it that. I guess I am going to borrow it, well because I think its cool.

Quiet time at strbx can be a really interesting time. Last month I blogged about seeing wreaths in starbucks and it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet.

Tonight while I was in strbx I noticed those same wreaths. One was missing and the other one was damaged. It made me think. Sometimes I feel that I treat my relationship with Christ the same way.

I put it out on display for everyone to see. Yet I don't maintain it. After awhile it starts to look shabby or damaged. If I want my relationship to stand out and shine I have to check it daily, make sure it is not broken or damaged.

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Jon Nichols said...

Yah, Jason, some of us think relationship should just happen--naturally, with not much effort, but the truth is, I need to make time for those who matter most--love is intentional. Thanks for helping me "check my wreath!"