Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recovery

Well, I am sitting here this morning reflecting back over the weekend. I thought I would share with you a bit about our weekend and why it is so significant.

I woke up Saturday in a panic. I realized at 7:40 AM that I FORGOT to pick up the keys for the building that we rent to hold our church plant church services. I quickly realized that we are probably going to have a shortened service outside. I quickly began enlisting people to pray for a solution. By 12:00PM that day the issue had resolved. I remembered I knew some Lion's Club officers. They use the same building and have permanently issued keys. They loaned us the keys.

Second, after chasing around looking for keys, I cleaned the front yard (Autumn did a great job doing the back yard) and we got ready for Jordan's Birthday Party. What an amazing party. He had so many friends and family there to honor him. He felt VERY special. Fun was had by all.

That night we continued with some friends and got to play some games while the kids continued to play.

Sunday morning, we were up early and I was at the building (with keys) to open up by 7:30. We had a wonderful service, with our Children's Education Pastor preaching a great message. We were locked up, cleaned up and home by 11:30.

I spent a couple of hours doing personal finances and recovering from the cost of a birthday party. I then watched Fireproof with Autumn. That is an emotional movie...and I HAD seen it before.

I then took the boys outside for some bike riding and chalk writing. We had a fun afternoon. A great dinner from Autumn, and then finally some quiet computer time for me.

What a memorable and enjoyable weekend. How was yours?

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