Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Listening for the Spirit

One of the things I didn't mention yesterday was a couple of great conversations I had this weekend. I wanted to take a moment and share this experience with you.

We had a new neighbor move in a few months back. "Bob" and his wife and kids had lost their business, house, have a ton of debt from that and with the economy he is struggling to find regular steady work.

He has been asking questions lately about God, Bible, and Jesus and general religious questions. However, we have not been able to have a good deep conversation about the topic. On Saturday night, things changed. My friend Josh and his family was over, as well as, "Bob" and his family.

While the wives went to get dinner, we began talking. I felt like it was a good opportunity to take the conversation a bit deeper, and we began discussing God. That led to a great 1 hour conversation about every aspect of a relationship with God. The fears, the unknowns, the doubts, etc. In the end, Josh and I had a chance to pray over him in the driveway, although he wasn't quite ready to make a commitment.

The next afternoon, while I was outside with the boys, "Bob" came over to thank me for the night before, for the conversation, the prayer and just being a friend. For the next conversation, I got to be a friend to my neighbor, we talked about life, religion, family, fears, etc. He still was not ready to make a decision, although I believe he is close, but the opportunity that Josh and I had to speak into his life was amazing.

This opportunity wouldn't have came about, if we weren't sensitive to listening for the Holy Spirit's prompting. The timing, topic, and discussion were the result of God's timing and the Spirit's prompting. I am grateful for being a part of that.

Are you listening for the Spirit's prompting?

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Bill said...

A humble heart listens to the Spirit