Monday, November 23, 2009

Preacher man

Well, my day finally came. Yesterday, was my turn to preach at Equip. It had been some time since I last preached a sermon, probably 5 years, not sure.

I had forgotten just how much I enjoy preaching a sermon. I enjoy the preparation of the sermon the most. It is like a huge jump closer to God. I am studying in a way that is very different than my daily time with God, so it usually reveals something significant during the studying. Of course, I only preach every now and again, so I don't have any of the stress or burdens that our Pastor has, as he prepares a message for each week. I have the luxury of taking my time, weeks if I so choose, and really dig in deep.

It is for this reason that I am grateful for the times I get to preach, but also am content only doing it on occasion. There are some great men that God has blessed with the passion and commitment to preach weekly. I am not that person, right now anyways.

However, I do grow in appreciation for what they have to do, and each and every week I am very appreciative of what a Pastor goes through when he is delivering his message to us on a Sunday morning. So with that I say....

Thank you to all the Pastors that preach messages week in and week out. God has clearly given you a passion, and I am grateful that you are being obedient to your calling. I certainly appreciate you.

As for me, I think the message went well. Of course if you want to hear it for yourself, well you should have been there! Ha!...if you really want it, I can give you a CD of it. Just ask!

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