Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh...I get it!

Yesterday was a momentous day in the Hicks household. After many trials and tribulations, Austin has now joined the ranks of many others before him. He has climbed the mountain and reached the top...

Yes, Austin can now ride a bike!

Yesterday was the "Oh, I get it!" day for him.

We have been at this for 18 months. We have tried soft grassy hills at the park. We have tried stern forcefulness at home. I have ran beside him for--I don't know how many-- miles. I have attempted it many different ways. He has made good progress over the many months. Our last attempt, he actually was able to ride for great long as I was along side of him.

Yesterday started out like many others...he was frustrated, struggling and gave up. He told me he was going to go play with chalk. I told him "OK" but that I was disappointed he quit so easily, because I knew he was not a quitter.

After a few minutes (like 3) of playing with chalk, he came back to me. "Dad, I am ready to try again. This time I am not going to quit!" By the end of the afternoon, I could not get him off the bike. He could ride, start/stop, turn around. He was able to look around for cars, move out of the way. Needless to say, he asked if he could ride again the next day.

Although it took some pushing on my part, when he finally got it...he got it! It clicked and then his skills accelerated from there. I think our Christian walk can sometimes be the same way.

We become a Christian, we have great expectations. Sometimes we fall and it hurts. Sometimes we have success. I think we reach a point, though, where we finally get it. We understand what being a Christian really means. We understand what having a relationship with Jesus really involves.

Once we "Get it". Once we truly realized all that is involved in living a life for our Savior, then the best happens. We begin to grow. We begin to ride like the wind. We don't want to get off the bike. Our skills become refined, and we get better and better.

Can we still fall off? Sure. But the more and more we live our life for Christ and stay focused on Him, the harder it becomes AND when we do fall, we know how to get back on the bike!

Where are you in your bike riding journey?

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