Monday, September 8, 2008

Worship no other Gods

It is that time of year. Like many other Americans, we begin a period of time in our lives where we choose to worship another god.

It is soccer season.

Ok, so we really don't worship another god. However, it sure does seem like it sometimes.

Youth sports can (and do) at times control your life. We have two boys in youth soccer. We have practices two days a week, and starting in September we have two games every Saturday until mid-November. They only way for us to get away during this time is to skip a game or practice.

We have friends who are doing pee-wee football and others who do competitive baseball. These teams are practicing 5-6 days a week, on weekends and weekdays. They go to tournaments that last the entire weekend. It is crazy.

Why do we do this?

We love our children. We want to see them active in sports. We want them to learn how to win and lose. We want them to build teamwork habits. The list can go on and on why we do what we do. Nonetheless, we do it.

Did you know that God does the same thing for us?

The list goes on and on as to why God does what he does. In fact, the list is so great we can never understand it. The most important is this. God loves us and wants to see our lives filled with joy as we follow Him.

He will go to as many practices, games, tournaments and picture days that it takes to see us follow Him and receive the greatest joy possible.

So for those of you who are about to embark on this same stressful journey as us...just remember, God is willing to do so much more for us!

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