Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Year through the Bible...Chased by a bear!

Have you ever been out in the woods, and came upon a bear? What did you do? Did you run? Did you hide? Did you freeze?

You can read on bear encounters all over the internet. Some say that you should make yourself appear as large as possible and make lots of noise so that it will scare the bear away. Others say that as long as you are downwind the bear can't smell you.

My solution is quite simple. If you are with other people, you run like heck! You don't have to be the fastest....just not the slowest!

Isn't that how we look at our Christian walk sometimes? Well, I know I could be doing better, but at least I am not as bad as that person. Well, at least I am not committing that sin!

Is that what God wants from us? To at least not be the worst sinner? Or does God want us to be the best we can be?

As I was reading through Amos, he writes in Chapter 5:

"Seek good, not evil, that you may live...Hate evil, love good..."

The Lord is calling us to do more than avoid sinning and at least be better than someone else. The Lord is calling us to seek Him out and to seek out good. To take an active and intentional role in our spiritual journeys.

So let me ask you today, are you content with not being the slowest one the bear is chasing? Or do you want to be the one who is chasing....chasing an ever greater relationship with Christ?

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