Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ummm...does WOW describe it?




Any of these words could describe the services this morning. I am not sure that any one of them would do a great job of describing just how amazing the services were.

How would you describe them?

Well, the secret is out and if you were not there today, you missed out!

A few weeks ago we gave out everyone an I-phone (if you weren't there then ask some who was all about it!).

Today, we gave out cold hard cash! That is right. Benjamins. Dineros!

So, here is the BIG question. What and how are you going to use your seed to make an impACT in the community?

Make sure and share your story on the cards that were included, or email

If you feel so inclined....I would love to hear some stories as well and post them here!

If you missed today...boy, I sure hope you don't plan on missing another service, because you are really missing out!

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