Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who is the GPS of your life?

This last Sunday I had a Welcome Team Ministry meeting. As I was sharing about the vision and passion of the Welcome Team, I shared a story of a hike I took last week. I wanted to share that story with you here as I think that it is something that applies to our lives, no matter what we do. So, I hope you enjoy:

Last weekend, my buddy and I drove up to Kennedy Meadows for a day hike. I had backpacked this area a lot as a child with my parents; however, I had not been up to this trail in probably 20 years.

Being the great techie that I am, I preloaded the trail map on my GPS and printed out the trail map, because I wanted to make sure that there was no chance of getting lost. I was insuring an accurate hike with no chance for error. I had it all planned out in detail.

My buddy and I got started on the hike and, like expected, the GPS was tracking perfectly. I knew exactly where we were and each turn that we needed to make, until...

We crossed over a bridge and came to a fork in the road. No problem. My GPS said to turn right and follow the trail around the mountain. My buddy decided that we should go left and follow the trail along the river. I proceeded to point out the error of his way. I clearly showed him the GPS and how it could not possibly be wrong. After all, we can't stray off the chosen path that I had established. Again my buddy pointed out that we need to go his way. After a few minutes of pointing out his mistake, I finally gave in to his stubbornness and we went to the left.

This trail took us to the same final destination that my GPS showed, but the trail followed a much different path. It was probably the most beautiful hike I had ever taken. It was uphill and challenging. It followed a river gorge about 100 ft up. There was numerous water falls and the views were spectacular.

If I had followed the GPS route I planned, I would missed out on an amazing hike. I would not have known it, because I would have been so focused on the fact that my planning got me where I wanted to go.

As we were hiking back down the hill, it hit me how I do the same thing with God. I work so hard to plan out my life and the events that transpire. I work hard to plan God's will for my life. When I have everything set, God comes along and says "No Jason, lets take this trail."

"But God, my plans say to go this way. Are you sure?"

"Yes Jason, this is the trail I want you to take."

When I do, God opens doors to amazing things that I would never have had the chance to see. When I don't, my plans may be successful, but I don't even realize what I have missed that could have been so much more.

Today, as you prepare your plans and load your GPS, are you prepared to change it if God asks you to, or are you set on the path you have planned? Let me encourage you to be willing to follow the left path if asked...the view is amazing!

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