Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Year Through the Bible...God's Helper!

Do you know everything? Do you have the answers to all your problems? Do you know what is best for your life?

Then why not act now? Are you being held back by God? Is He not listening to your suggestions for your life? After all, who knows you better than you!

As a Christian (or even non-Christian) the statements I just shared, aside from sounding like a late night infomercial, are pretty ridiculous. We know that God is in control, right? We know that God knows whats best for us, right?

If so, then why is it that our prayer life sometimes sounds more like an evaluation at work then a time of worship with our Lord?

It seems that we get impatient, or frustrated, or we are offended by someone, or...or...or. I could go on. But what ever our individual reasons are, our prayers (at times) somehow migrate to us providing God with direction for our life as opposed to us asking for God's direction to follow.

When we sit back and read it, as I wrote it above it is almost humorous. The unfortunate part, though, is not as funny. We are missing out on so many things that God has planned for us when we are trying to make it our will and not God's Will. He has an amazing life for each one of us.

When we try and hide our actions or give direction to God...we miss it big! In Isaiah 29, God shares with us how impossible it is for us to guide the Creator...much like clay trying to speak back to the potter.

Let me encourage you to spend some time in the book of Isaiah today. Submit your life to your Lord and allow Him to mold you like a potter does to clay.

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