Thursday, August 21, 2008

Laundry Service

I just finished reading a book yesterday by Perry Noble, called Blue Prints- How to Build Godly Relationships. The book was not an over-the-top Wow you have to read this. In fact, the book was written for a young adult audience, providing guidance on dating relationships and what to look for in a spouse. I read it for two reasons, first I enjoy the author and second because I have a "daughter" in the wings of adulthood and two boys coming up in about 10 years and I need all the help planning for them.

The book did inspire me in one major way, and for that I would encourage those of you who have been married over 5-10 years to give it a read. The book reminded me of all the wonderful reasons I married Autumn. It also reminded me of all the things I used to do for her, that I seem to have run out of time to do.

So, I sit here today writing this blog while doing a couple of loads of "catch-up" laundry while on vacation. I am happy and excited to do it! I am also brain-storming some ideas on how I can really explode the flames in our marriage!

How about you? Is your marriage flaming hot or on a simmering low heat? Turn up the flame today!

See ya when I return!

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