Monday, August 11, 2008 is coming.

Yesterday was our quarterly Welcome Team Ministry meeting. One of the things I talked about during the meeting is change.

I am a change agent by gifting. I am one who enjoys the uneasiness of change. However, most people usually squirm or get uncomfortable when they hear about impending change.

So why talk about change? Simple. Change is an essential part of every day life. The world around us is in constant change.

The music our kids listen to is different then what we listened to and what our parents listened to. The clothing being worn today is much different. The fact is, that as we stand still, the world around us passes us by.

This is even more visible in the church. In case you haven't noticed, New Life is changing. I have been attending for 3 years now and it has changed quite a bit since I have been here. If you have been here longer, you have definitely seen the change. Even more, I don't think we are done changing. I would even be so bold (since I am not on staff) as to say that if we are going to reach people far from Christ, we should never stop changing.

Does that mean we need to be conforming to the world? Certainly not. Yet, I do believe that the way to communicate the love of Christ today is different the methods used 20 years ago. These will be different than the method used 20 years from now.

Let me ask you a question. Are you fearful of the change that the church is going through? Why? Let me encourage you to be excited about the change. Get pumped up! In fact, become a part of the change! The Church is on a mission to reach people far from God and change is part of the method to reaching them. Join us! If we work together, we can reach more people for Christ!

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