Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pastors are people too!

When I write a blog, I typically try and avoid politics, controversial subjects like abortion or the likes. However, I really felt like God was putting something on my heart to share, so I am submitting to the Holy Spirit and sharing it.

If you live in or near Stanislaus County, you can't be hear about the case of Frank Craig and Pastor Doug Porter from Hickman. This has been an unfortunate string of events over the past 8 years that resulted in Pastor Porter being found guilty of murder.

I don't know what really happened nor do I want to know. I also do not want to argue the facts of the case.

What I do know is that Doug Porter is a person just like you or me. Like you and me, people screw up and make mistakes. The only person on earth who knows for sure what happened is Pastor Porter. That is something he will have to resolve with his Savior.

Our role in this issue or with any issue that a Pastor may is one thing! Can you guess what it is?

Prayer. We need to be on our knees praying for Pastor Porter, his family, the Craig family and anyone else involved. We should be praying for grace, love and peace. We should be praying that through this God will be glorified!

Am I a Pastor that has been burned in the past? No. I am not even a Pastor. However, sometimes I feel like the most criticism of Pastors who struggle with something comes from the church body. That is the last place we should find criticism.

I am going to step down off my soap box now and finish with this:

Romans 15:7 which states:

Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has
accepted you so that God will be given glory.

Lets share the Love of Christ and accept people who are right where they are, regardless if they are a pastor, adulterer, drug addict, housewife, businessman or child!

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