Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thinkback

Just some thoughts I had from this week:

  • I was doing sound on Sunday. Didn't worship sound great! :-)
  • Worship did rock on Sunday.
  • Eli has raised the bar!
  • Nothin' like a good ole' fashion gospel presentation.
  • I learned some great things this last Sunday.
  • A friend pointed out that Jesus made the leper whole again, and he wants to do that for us!
  • Did I mention I am excited to be a part of this church.
  • I am leaving for vacation on Monday. Camping for a week. I can't wait.
  • My mom had the boys from Sunday - Wednesday. 3 days with Autumn alone was great!
  • I "worked" from home Monday/Tuesday. That was fun.
  • I am off the next two Sundays, but I will be around. See ya at church!

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