Friday, March 14, 2008

Sadie's Place

I have tried to not make my blog an advertisement space. I have always intended it to be a place to share my thoughts, struggles, desires, etc. However, today I am going to make an exception. I had a chance to spend my Friday sabbatical in a great coffee shop here in Turlock.

The name is Sadie's Place Cafe and Deli. It is located right next to Vito's Restaurant behind CSU Stanislaus, on Crowell. First, and most Wi-Fi, and it is screaming fast! The coffee is good (Clayton's Coffee from Modesto, CA) and the atmosphere is awesome.

Lastly, I had a croissant breakfast sandwich that was nothing less than perfection! Most of the time, I expect to receive a premade croissant sandwich heated in a microwave. Lets just say, when my friend Tom and I saw her start cracking eggs we knew we were in for something special. Is it possible that a breakfast sandwich can bring you closer to God? If so, this one definitely did it.

I have no personal or financial ties to this restaurant, but let me say this. If you are going to have coffee or a meeting with friends, please try this place. We need more places like this in our community.

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