Saturday, March 29, 2008

Casual Saturday

I did not realize just how long it has been since I have had a casual "sleep-in" kind of morning. It seems that over the past few months...(ok past few years) we have been going non-stop. So why the special day today. I realized the need for a quiet day with the family and insisted that it happen!

Ok, you know me better than that! We did have plans to leave first thing this morning to head up to Jenness Park near Cold Springs to spend the day with a friend of mine and his family who are currently on staff at the park. Unfortunately, his children were sick and so we decided to reschedule for another day.

I got to sleep in! Woke up to my boys jumping into our bed. We all sat together while Autumn and I woke up to a nice cup of coffee. I am really glad that our plans fell through. What a unique pleasure it is to have your kids come and jump into bed with you, fighting over who gets to lay where next to us. I realize that this will end soon.

The really funny part, is that Autumn and I could not decide what the best way to spend the day was. We have a long list of projects, we have upcoming events to prepare for...or we could jut do nothing. We chose a combination. We picked things that allowed us to just hang out with the boys while we do them.

Dads! We need to be doing more of this. No matter how committed we are to our ministries, or our jobs, our careers...take the time to stop and have down time with your family. If we don't we will miss out on them growing up! It is far more important to BE with them, than to provide FOR them!

Well, I just received a phone call from a friend with free tickets to the Stockton Thunders game tonight. Jordan and I will be able to go hang together, while Autumn and Austin go out for dinner and a movie. What a great way to end a casual satuday. How are you spending your casual saturday?

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