Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Year through the Bible...It's Like a Soap Opera!

Today my Daily Bible took me on a journey through 2 Samuel. More specifically, I read 2 Samuel 11-14, Kind David's fall. What an interesting story, it was like reading a soap opera magazine. If you are not familiar with it, let me summarize it quickly for you:

King David can't sleep so he goes up on the roof. He sees a really hot chick (Bathsheba). He decides he wants her, and because of his power he gets her. He sleeps with her, and she gets pregnant. She tells him. To cover it up, he gets her husband (Uriah) back from the military, thinking that Uriah will sleep with her, and everyone will think the child is Uriah's. Unfortunately, Uriah refuses to sleep with her, because he won't go home. He is an honorable man, and out of reverance for his boss (Joab) and his Lord, he will not enter his home.

So, David sends him back into battle and tells Uriah's boss (Joab) to put him on the front lines and stage it so that Uriah will certainly die and it will appear as though he died in battle. Once this happens, then David took Bathsheba to be his wife.

You could not write a script any better then that for a TV show or soap opera. Why do I bring that up?

King David was "favored" in God's eyes. The Lord was blessing him in many ways... material wealth, success in battle, etc. Yet, somehow this sin snuck into his life. How many times do we sit back and openly admit a few sins, but then show a whole list of things that could "never happen to me"?

I bet that if someone had come to David before this happened and told him he was going to have an affair that resulted in a child, and then he would kill the husband to cover it up, he may have said something like, "That could never happen to me, I have found favor in the Lord". Yet it did.

As I continue to struggle with a sin in my life, I have found that because of my accountability partner, I am able to fight off this sin with ease(at times). As I begin to let my guard down and think I have it beat, it comes out of nowhere and hits me hard. How did that happen?

Lastly, I want to share a brief excercise my Daily Bible had me do, and it got me thinking. Take out a piece of paper, and at the top write, "Things that could never happen to me!"

Take a few minutes and list between 5 and 10 things that you think could never happen to you...maybe divorce, bankruptcy, an affair, stealing, etc. Then go read 2 Sam 11-14. When you return take the list you made and at the top...scratch out the word "never".

We should never feel as though we are not subject to failure in any area of our life. It is only through constant time with the Lord and a good accountability partner (in my opinion) can you beat AND stay away from the sins of our lives!

If you are not already, get into the word daily, pray daily, seek God in all you do-- and share it all with a good accountability partner!

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