Friday, March 14, 2008

Almost like being there!

Our Pastors took time out of their week to go to a great conference on the east coast, called Unleash. I must admit there is a small part of me that was jealous I couldn't go with Pastor Dave and Pastor Jon to the conference. I was, however, excited all the more with the fact that they were going, and would be bringing back ideas and concepts that would be really exciting. I can't wait for them to share those thoughts and ideas with us.

One of the great things about reading blogs is that some of the people who's blogs I read, also attended the conference, and have already begun blogging on the conference. One of those I read is Jay Hardwick. He blogged today on some of the highlights from Perry's talk(Pastor of the church that hosts Unleash). One of the things Jay said Perry said was:

"Vision doesn't come from books and conferences; it comes from uninterrupted time with God."

This was huge for me. I tend to be the type that can't sit still for very long. If I am not doing at least 4 or 5 things at a time, then I get real ancy. As a result, I tend to put a lot of my growth efforts into books, or into attending events so "I can learn from the greatness of others".

As I began to take on the duties and responsibilities of the Welcome Ministries, I immediately went to the internet and the blogoshere to gleam the knowledge of others in casting my great vision for this ministry.

Luckily, God has and continues to use friends like Jon and others to remind of first turning to God and allow him to guide my vision. This comment from Perry was another friendly reminder of the order by which God wants to accomplish things through me.

Let me remind you too. Turn to God first, allow him to cast the vision for your life, and then turn to others on how to accomplish the God-size vision that he has given you.

Keep an eye out for Pastor Dave and Pastor Jon on the net, as I am sure they will be sharing with us soon...I can't wait!

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