Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sometimes nothing is enough!

Autumn is out with a friend this evening for a much needed "girls night out". She usually gets to do one about every couple weeks, but it has been since December since her last one, and I could tell it was needed.

Tonight when her friend showed up by surprise to see if she wanted to go out, Autumn looked at me and I looked at her. For that instant (which felt like 5 minutes) we had an amazing conversation without ever speaking. She asked me if she could go out with her friend, I asked her if she had anything to get done, she said no. I said ok. She asked how late, I said I didn't really care and I hope you have a good time....(at least that is how I heard it!)

The important thing is this. As our marriage has grown over the years, I have found that we can read each other better, and know what one another are thinking with out ever saying anything. Frankly, sometimes nothing needs to be said....the look is enough for us to completely understand.

That didn't come easy. It has taken time, a lot of conversations, eliminating the fear of opening up to someone else, arguments, disagreements, crying, laughing and a whole lot more adjectives. However, because of a commitment that we have made to one another, our lives are changing as we grow closer together.

That is how I think Christ wants our relationship with him to be. A "finish each other's sentences"-"know what the other one is thinking"-"think like one mind" kind of relationship. The reality is, Jesus already knows you like fact, even better. It is really up to us to want to seek out Christ and reciprocate that relationship.

Autumn's friend said something tonight that kinda fits. If we are NOT reading the Word, then the words become useless. God wants that relationship with us, he gave us His Son, His Word, and His Promise. All we have to do is seek Him out.

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