Monday, February 18, 2008

Scared of upgrading to XP...don't be!

PC friends. As I am sure you have all considered the dreaded thought of upgrading your PC to Microsoft's latest and greatest, you are worried about bugs. Don't be! You can safely upgrade from your slow, bug-filled Windows Vista, to the new bug-free and user-friendly Windows XP. I found this great article that completely breaks down the comparision of the two; which, for me, gave me piece-of-mind for the switch to XP.

Mac users won't quite understand, but for us PC users, enjoy the article and upgrade with confidence!


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Michele B said...

It's "peace of mind," or "piece of my mind." Just thought you should know.

With love from an old word-hacker.

Jon Nichols said...

I think it's "piece of mind" 'cause that's what the angry PC-ers always want to give to people. Ha! Just kidding! I'm glad that someone's trying to help the poor, defenseless Vista victims out! (I was about to call FEMA!)