Monday, February 25, 2008

My Year through the Bible...I haven't learned much.

I just finished reading through Numbers. As I read through Numbers, I have come to realize that the Israelites didn't get it. They continued to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Every move they made resulted in the same complaints, the same problems. As I read, I often wondered why and how God put up with the complaining. I also realized that he didn't. In fact, God often punished the Israelites...uhhh, the whole lost in the desert thing. In Numbers 21, God sends snakes to the Israelites to bite them for speaking against Moses and God. Once again the Israelites had to confess before Moses.

I say all this because I got to thinking about how many times I don't learn from my mistakes. Do I not learn because I am not really paying attention, or is it because my mistakes are a result of something that has control of my life. I think for me, it is because of something that has control of my life.

As I have looked back over the "big mistakes" of my life in the past couple of years, I think almost everyone was based on a decision I made. The decision I made was influenced by something that had control of my life.

That is huge. Why? you might ask. If we know the source of our mistakes, perhaps we can change the source. Of course, that sounds easier said then done; however it is a start.

So what prevents you from learning from your mistakes? Find it and fix it...or at least start the process of trying!

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