Friday, February 1, 2008

My Year through the Bible...What's your God?

I was reading through the bible today in Exodus. More specifically I was reading Chapters 21-23, which is the Book of the Covenant the follows the 10 commandments. As I was reading through, there was multiple times when God spoke on not taking on idols or worshipping other gods. God further spoke on being careful not to be around the Caananites and their gods.

As I was reading through the application, my bible began explaining how God knew the principle that we eventually worship what you serve. Therefore, what ever or whoever commands your attention becomes your god. You can read through the old testament and the new testament and see this principle reminded to us over and over.

In Matthew 6, Jesus talks about our treasures being the map to our heart, and where our treasures are is where our heart lies. This applies to more than our money. If our efforts and energy are for our "fishing god" or our "football god" then that will be the god we worship in our heart.

Recognizing we need to guard against this idolatry, my bible gave two questions that you can ask yourself to seek out the real "lord" of your life:

  1. What do you think about when your mind is neutral?
  2. What do you do during your idle moments?

I am afraid what someone might think if they sat back and looked at my life and answered these questions for me. Take a look at your life and answer these questions for yourself...hopefully the answers don't surprise you.

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Michele B said...

A few of my idols:

My time.
Others' opinions of me.
Money no, but monetary security.
Being smart.
My independence.
My husband's approval.
Being invisible/being noticed.
Freedom from worry.
Being on time when others are holding me back.
Not worrying about being on time when others are rushing me.
Never making mistakes.
Being seen as someone totally free from all the idols mentioned above.

Jason Hicks said...

Thanks for the transparency...I know some of those fit me as well!