Monday, June 29, 2009


Hi Everyone!

It is so good to be back. The last few weeks have been extremely hectic. I just returned yesterday from my final stint of travel for a few months, with a quick 4 day trip to Detroit for a meeting.

I am hoping that things will begin to slow down over the next few weeks and life might get back to normal. However, I know me and you know we will see!

This week I am going to spend a little bit of time talking about changes. As you know God has been reveling himself to me in different ways, showing me things in my life that needs work, and showing me what I am doing right.

However, as God reveals those things in our lives that need work, what are we doing about it? Are we saying "OK, thanks God!" and moving on; or are we taking action? That is what I want to focus on. Taking action on the things God is showing us.

I know for me, that can be extremely difficult. So, lets take a look and see what God wants to teach us!

C-ya tomorrow for the first installment!

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