Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks #3

Well, as we go down the natural order of things I am sure you can guess what is next.....that's right, my Job! HA! Just Kidding. The next thing I am thankful for is my two boys: Jordan and Austin!

It is amazing how a young couple could give birth to two children with no expectations or knowledge of how to raise them, what to do with them, or what God could possibly do with them and through them. Yet, each day the Lord manages to surprise me. It is amazing how the Lord can show us what simple faith should look like through our children.

I watch as my oldest (8 yrs old), who has accepted Christ as his Savior, sits on every word as I read to him from the Bible or tell him stories. As I see him in his bed at night reading his Bible before going to sleep, he is being a witness to Autumn and I and he doesn't even realize it. Watching him, renews my own faith! The best part of it...his little brother wants to be just like him, and although he can't read yet, is "reading" his Bible every night, too.

Thank you Lord for blessing Autumn and I with two Angels...

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