Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is cheating okay if it is for someone else?

Okay do I have your attention? I guess it would help if I started with a brief story. Lately my wife has been a bit under the weather. We were playing cards this afternoon and while she stepped away to do something I thought about looking at her cards. Now hold on....the reason I thought of cheating was so that I could play something that would help her hand. I wanted to cheat to help her. Really!

Of course, I didn't. Like I said I only thought about it. However, as I reflected on that incident this evening while I was out and about, it reminded me of a book I read earlier this year, Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley.

In his book, Andy Stanley challenges us to cheat. You may think it is wrong to cheat. What Andy Stanley explains is that we are going to cheat. The question isn't IF we are going to cheat but WHO are we going to cheat. Andy Stanley challenges us to make that decision before it is made for us and to make sure we are cheating in the best interest of our family.

After the game of cards this afternoon, I began thinking about my decision not to look at her cards. That was such a no brainer. Just don't cheat. If it is so simple, then why is it so difficult when it comes to work and life?

We are so quick to cheat our families when work requires extra time of us because, "it is just this once"...or..."it is only for a couple weeks"...or..."it may mean a promotion". Let me ask you this, what good is a promotion if your family isn't around to enjoy it with you? I have to ask myself that question at least once a week.

So back to my question...Is cheating okay if it is for someone else? I guess you will have to read Andy Stanley's book to find out! As for me....I am going to try harder to be a better cheater for my family!

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Jon Nichols said...

Such a great reminder, Jason! Thanks!!! It makes me think: If I am going to be willing to sacrifice something on the altar, let it be for the glory of Almighty God--ONLY--not for recognition, reward, or to avoid looking like I've dropped the ball.