Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Vacation....starts now!

We are sitting at the airport in Sacramento. 13 of us are beginning our journey to the "islands" for 8 days of fun! At least I sure hope it is fun, because getting up at 4:00 this morning was very exhausting....but you know what I mean...we have all been there.

Here is a couple of pictures of me and my family sitting in the food court at the airport eatting our wonderfully over-priced meals. Yummy!

If I feel so inclined to boot-up my computer this week, I might try and send some photos of our trip. Just to let you feel like you are part of the trip....and then again..maybe I won't!

To all 4 of you that read my blog...I will miss you, see you when I get back!

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Michele B said...

Have a great time, you lucky guy!

Kelly Rae said...

We'll miss you guys, too. Hope you have a total blast! Give Autumn a hug for me =)