Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gettin' on a Kick

Do you ever get on a kick?

You know what I mean. It seems that life is moving along as usual and then you watch or do something, and then it seems like for the next month, two months, year, 5...10...20 years you start doing more and more of the same. My friend Ron blogged about a similar thing, the Domino effect as he calls it. What he described is a series of events put into place by God over many years for a specific purpose at a later date. Sometimes, I feel like we can get on a kick because of something God IS doing in us.

We have been on a kick lately. I blogged earlier about a Christian movie we watched, Facing the Giants.

It got us all excited about watching Christian-based films. After watching that one, we then watched another film by the same author, Flywheel. I must admit, I think I liked Flywheel better.

Tonight we watched another film, The Ride. This one was produced by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It was another great film to watch.

Here is the thing about Christian Films. For the most part, the production quality is good, but certainly not "Hollywood". The Actors most likely do not have an Oscar or a star in Hollywood. There definitely isn't a lot of special effects, drinking, sex, parties, fighting, etc. However, there is something about these films that I can never do with most "Hollywood" films... them with my boys!

I think that is why we have been on this kick lately. It isn't that we oppose other great movies, but lately, I have enjoyed watching my oldest get into the movie plot and actually see him feel the same emotions as the characters. In addition, it has been a great lead in to talk about there walk with Christ after the movie, and how it relates to the characters' lessons-learned in the movie.

So, I guess if we are going to be on a kick for a while...this is probably a good one!

What kind of kicks are you on? I would love to hear.

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RWC said...

I have been on a handyman/organizing kick lately....the power drill and hammer and screwdrivers have not seen their home in weeks.