Friday, January 18, 2008

My Year through the Bible...Accountability from God?

Have you ever felt totally defeated? Have you ever felt like, that is it, I am useless and I might as well give up? This doesn't even have to be about your life in could be a specific thing or a specific sin.

Recently, I felt that way. Up until a few months ago, I was struggling with a sin that I had finally given up on. I had decided that I was going to be a failure in this area of my life and as I long as I could control the sin to a "reasonable" level then I would survive.

Satan delights in convincing us, as believers, that we are a failure. That we are worthless to God and that we can't conquer even our simplest of sins. However, a few months ago I found an accountability partner. That has rocked my world. I have pretty much ended the struggle with that sin, cold turkey, with no slide backs. Of course, I am not backing off of my focus, and I am monitoring it closely daily so that it can not sneak back into my life.

Why do I share this? I am now reading through the book of Exodus (BTW- Genesis was awesome!) and I am watching how God is taking a beat up murder like Moses and turning him into a great leader. The Lord is placing people in his life. The Lord is directing his actions. It is cool stuff.

Reading this reminded me that we shouldn't give up. If the Lord can overcome the sins of Moses' past to make him into a great leader, imagine what he could build out of the rubble in my life...your life. It is just then that I realized the full significance of how God brought my accountability partner into my life. How God is transforming me in miraculous ways over the past 4 months. I shutter to think what he can do with a year...or 2 years...or 5 years, if I let him.

Before you give in to Satan and think there is no hope for you...remember what God can do. Open up the Bible, and read through Exodus and I truly believe that you will receive some new hope in your life. The God of Exodus is the same God today and he loves us just as much!

What miraculous things is God doing in your life?

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog Jason. It is a nice way to share your thoughts, desires,strugles and triumphs. You and your family have been a real blessing to us. God Bless. The Beamans