Wednesday, October 14, 2009

David Crowder*Band

This last Monday was a fun day for me. The David Crowder*Band was in Modesto. As many of you know I work with a great couple of guys at Celebration Concerts to help put on events in the Modesto area.

This concert was a bit different then most. Although from the stage you wouldn't know it, DC*B didn't bring a lot of stuff. They had a ton of instruments, etc. but very limited stage/lights/sound equipment. Why is this important? It effects directly how much stuff we had to unload!

Since the unloading of equipment was minimal, we actually got to spend a great deal of time with the band talking and hanging out. My friend Tom got to talk guitars with the guitar players. My friend Andy got to help B set up drums. Fun was had by all.

To top things off, my friend Jon comped Autumn for the concert, so she met me up there in mid afternoon. We went out to dinner and then sat together through the concert. For those of you who have worked a concert with me, you know I don't just "sit" at concerts I am working. However, at this moment, the time with Autumn meant way more to me. I am glad I did it.

No great point to be made today, other than to say DC*B is a great group of guys and I enjoyed hanging with them...but more importantly I enjoyed dating my wife. I think I will do more of that!

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