Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fear like a child...playing it safe!

Recently, my Pastor at New Life CC spoke on fear. Further, he spoke on fearlessness through Christ. Are we allowing the enemy to place fear in our life to "take us out of the game". It reminded me of something that happened a few weeks ago...

We were on vacation at Shaver Lake. My family and I were fishing on my grandfather's Pantoon boat. If you know pantoon boats, the pantoons stick out the front, and act as a "step" from the dock to the boat.

Well, my oldest son (7 years old) insisted that he no longer needed me to lift him on to the boat, but that he could step off the dock on to the boat all by himself. He shared this with me driving to the docks, walking down the dock to the boat, and while standing there waiting for me to put the rest of our stuff on the boat. However, when it came time to actually step on to the boat, everything was rocking...the boat, dock, water, etc. So when Jordan went to step onto the boat, he asked to hold my hand "just in case". He stepped out onto the boat, even with a bit of fear, knowing he was holding my hand.

As I reflected back on that during Pastor Dave's message, it made me think how much my fear is like that of a small child. I pray to the Lord to "Challenge me" and "Help me to face fear" and do something "fearless". Yet, when I look down deep, I can't do it. I like to play it safe.

Pastor Dave asked us, "What has fear kept you from doing that God is calling you to do?" Frankly, I am not sure. I think sometimes I play life to "safe", when I do that I don't hear God asking me to to take those fearful steps. I ponder the thought frequently: "Am I playing it to safe?". When Pastor Dave asked us this question, I thought to myself... "Am I letting fear paralyze me?"

I believe that I am. I like to feel comfortable and know what to expect week to week. Living like this day to day, might be fine...yet, when we live this way we miss out on the great things God has for us, if we don't step out in fear through faith.

However, I am ready to make a change! Let me encourage you to do the same if you struggle like I do. You see, here is what I realized, much like my son reached out to me to hold my hand, the Lord is waiting there for us to reach out our hand to him, and let his strength help us through this fearful step of faith.

My prayer is now, "Lord, as I step out with fear, my faith in you is like a child's hand reaching for his father's for help. I am relying on your strength to lift me safely on to the boat"...

Isn't God Great!

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