Thursday, September 13, 2007

Costco Parking

Last night Autumn and I went to Costco to "window shop" while our kids were at church. As we approached the typical crowded parking lot, we followed another car in. It was kinda interesting watching the car in front of us. It "felt" like they were eagerly looking for a parking space because they knew I was right behind them. It seemed as if they thought that if they passed up a good spot, it would be lost forever, because I would take it, or wouldn't back up for them so they could take it.

As a result, they picked up a spot that was pretty good, but I can't help but wonder if they didn't take the time to assess the whole parking lot situation. Once I passed the car by, I pulled right in to the second spot, directly in front of the front doors.

Now, I probably wouldn't have thought much of it a year ago....ohh, who am I kidding. I wouldn't of thought much of it a few weeks ago. Let me know if this is as true for you as it is for me, but lately as I have taken a more aggressive and consistent role in seeking Christ, I find him in the most simplest of life's parking the car at Costco.

Yet, this experience got me thinking. It is amazing how quickly we find a "parking spot" among ministries or church activities for the purpose of getting it before the "guy" behind us does. Often times I find that I if I had only taken that little extra time to find God in my actions, I would have seen that He had a perfect spot for me right up front. Instead, he gave it to the person behind me.

The ironic thing about last night, is that I was in no rush, and I was not "looking" for a spot, I simply turned the corner and there it was. I think God works in much the same way. If we just place our focus on Christ and seek him, we will turn the corner and he will have that perfect spot waiting for us, especially when we aren't looking for it.

Let me encourage you, forget about rushing around to find that right spot. Just seek God, and before you know it, he will open up the perfect spot...probably when you least expect it.

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